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You & Your Business . . . Doing what you do best, focused on Revenue-Generation, on Customer Service & Relationship-Building, and on Growing your business.  ( Back to Top )
EPM Associates . . . An Extension of Your Entrepreneurial Management Team
  • It's a fact that most entrepreneurial businesses get started---and become long-term-successful---because the founding Owner / Manager / Entrepreneur knows his / her Customers very well, knows what they need, and knows how to satisfy those needs---with Products and Services that the entrepreneur also knows, very well.
  • Long-Term-Successful Entrepreneurs have learned that their time and talents are best focused on Revenue-Generation, on Customer Service & Relationship-Building, and on Growing their Business and their Team---and NOT on being otherwise consumed by Back-Office Administration.
  • At EPM Associates, our Seasoned Professionals are Experts in architecting, building, sustaining and maintaining the efficient and effective Back-Office Administrative & Financial Management Support functions that are essential in helping you focus on what you do best---and, thereby, helping you and your business to succeed.  ( Back to Top )
Back-Office Management . . .
  • Chances are, as an entrepreneur, you would agree that you did not originally set out in your entrepreneurial venture to Risk your financial capital, your time, and your energy, so that you could become an expert in Back-Office Administration & Management, right?
  • We take the hassle out of managing the Core Infrastructure that supports your business---from bookkeeping to accounting to IT to financial and personnel management, we handle it all---freeing you to Focus on Revenue-Generation, Customer Service, and Growing your business.  ( Back to Top )
Risk Mitigation & Control . . .
  • Did you know that many of the biggest threats (Risks) to entrepreneurial businesses, come from within?
  • Such Risks are manifested in many forms, including, for example:
                The Lone Wolf employee that has too much unrestricted access and unilateral control such that
                Fraud may be committed and go undetected, until it is too late.

                The employee that is permitted---for lack of deliberate policies and procedures---to make
                unauthorized, unintended and undesirable decisions that commit the business, financially.

                The well-intentioned employee that simply lacks the skills and experience to be performing the
                financially-oriented functions that they have been assigned.
  • We have the Experience, Know-How and proven Best Practices to help you design, implement and manage the appropriate, Risk-Mitigating Controls and Procedures necessary to help you steer clear of the avoidable losses that can cripple and even destroy your business.  ( Back to Top )
Performance Improvement . . .
  • You may have heard the old saying, 'You can't Manage what you can't Measure'.  Can you imagine trying to manage a baseball team, with no stats?  How about your business?
  • We help you to develop and implement just the right Metrics, presented in just the right ways, so that it is clear whether the Performance of your business is improving---at what rate, as planned, or not, and why.
  • Then, we help you and your team Manage the Performance Improvement Process---with structure, discipline and accountability.  ( Back to Top )
Profitability Improvement . . .
  • Do you clearly know how much Profit is being generated by each Customer, Product, Service, Asset, or Location in your business?  Is the Reward, in each, commensurate with the associated Risk?
  • Are you comfortable that you are achieving the level of Utilization of each Asset in your business, to warrant the Total Economic Cost of Ownership of each Asset?
  • We help you to routinely Gather, Organize and Analyze the Data necessary to come to grips with these and other tough questions---and help you make the fact-based decisions necessary to maximize the overall Profitability of your business, while minimizing the Risks.  ( Back to Top )