Source Document Transformation Services

Achieving the Paperless Bookkeeping Process
  • The Key: Making Transaction Source Documents Available---Online
  • QuickBooks-Integrated, Portal-Based Document Management System (DMS)
  • All Document Users have Shared, Secure, Anywhere, Anytime Access
  • No More Constraints due to the Physical Location of Documents
  • No More Costly "Filing Cabinets" (i.e., Paper-Shuffling, Locating, Filing, Storing, Archiving)
Versatile Document Handling
  • We Receive, Scan & Deliver Your Documents to the Portal
  • Your Personnel may also Deliver Documents to the Portal (Scan, Email or Fax)
  • Custom Document Handling Processes to Match Your Requirements
  • Proven, Market-Leading Scanner & Portal Technologies
Transaction Source Document Processing
  • Original Source Document Receipt & Triage (at EPM's facilities)
  • Scanning & Indexing on Alliance's High-Capacity, Commercial Scanners
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Applied to Scanned Documents
  • Deployment of Documents in PDF Format to the Cloud-Based Document Management System
  • Documents become Accessible to All Authorized Personnel
  • Enabling Full Document Life-Cycle Management
  • Certified Shredding & Disposal of Source Documents
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Enterprise Performance Management
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